moon phases
moon phases
Over the past couple of years in the many phases of building this web site I have resisted the temptation and pressure to include spell, being of the view that spells and crafting of spells is a highly personal process.

I am still opposed to adding spells to this site due to my views, however I have decided to bow to the pressure. The main reason for this is it may help if others can see how spells are constructed.

I would like to stress that none of the spells listed in these pages are my own.
They have been donated over time by many practitioners of the crafts. I do not judge the ethics behind them because this would be a form of censorship.
The individual should take responsibility for use and outcome of any spell cast.

These spells are meant purely as a guide and should always be adapted to suit your individual and highly specialised needs.

All I ask is that if you use a spell from this site, that you send me one of your own in return to add to this site. If you do decide to donate a spell then please be sure to tell me if you wish to remain anonymous.

I have included Hexes and Curses because they have been donated, THIS DOES NOT MEAN I RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE THE USE OF THEM! This is a matter for your own conscience and beliefs.
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