moon phases
moon phases
Know yourself spell

This spell is to see your true self and others who tend to see you as something else will now see you as you really are. If you are an open Witch you might have trouble with discrimination against what others don't know or understand! I hear "Watch out he might cast a spell on you!" and boy does that just get on my nerves.

Old or new picture of yourself that you can burn
A mirror
Small bowl or Cauldron filled with water
A match or a lighter

"With this picture I see in my hand, I see myself.
As I burn this picture may my true self arise".(Start to burn the picture)
"I pray to thee, Set me free,
From the hate, Show my trait.
I am one, I am my self, Set me free,
I pray to thee".
If the picture was burnt right you shouldn't be able to see your face. Take the picture out and keep it in a place so that if you ever are unsure about yourself look at the burnt picture and it should remind you about your true self.

Thanks to Kundalini for donating this spell, E-mail,
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