moon phases
moon phases
Spell to open the third eye

Perform this Neo-Pagan ritual to improve psychic powers three days before the moon is full.

3 days before the full moon

A brew of magical psychic tea
13 Purple candles
Crystal ball, Scrying mirror or Tarot cards

"I invoke thee, O Asariel
Archangel of Neptune
And ruler of clairvoyant powers.
I ask thee now to open my third eye
And show me the hidden light
Let me see the future.
Let me see the past.
Let me perceive the divine
Kingdoms of the unknown.
Let me understand the wisdom
Of the mighty universe.
So long as it harms none, So mote it be !"

After chanting, relax, breathe slowly and concentrate on opening your Third Eye. Do not permit any negative thought to contaminate your mind. The Third Eye, an invisible chakra located in the middle of the forehead above the space between the eyebrows, is the human bodies highest source of power, supernormal sight and clairvoyant vision. When you feel ready begin scrying or to shuffle and deal the Tarot cards.
Thanks for this spell Isis

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