moon phases
moon phases
To break a spell
(You have cast)
DAY: Any day
MOON: Waning
HERB: Angelica
Oil: Rosemary
TIME: Any Time

  1. White candles
  2. 1bead from a necklace you own (preferably pearl)
  3. A small patch of black cloth
  4. String for tying
Warm nights when you can concentrate on the spell and not worryabout weather.

"I cast a spell asking the Fates,
God and Goddess to aid me in removing the spell____________,
I understand that to take back this spell I must give up something of my own,
 to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good,
I give this 'pearl/bead' from a necklace I own.

I transfer the spell into this 'pearl/bead' and render the spell dormant, 
No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell,
 No further power shall it have.
This is my will- so be it!"

Other info:
This spell is for canceling low power spells nothing major. Ifit doesn't work then try something else but obviously be careful about whatyour casting in the first place.

Thanks to Ambrose for donating this spell

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