moon phases
moon phases
Summer Solstice
Midsummer, Litha
June 21st to 23rd

Traditions of Litha
The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, From this point the days now begin to grow shorter. This is the traditional time for Witches to harvest their magical herbs because the  magical powers are at there strongest on this day.

Rites at Litha
The rite is usually performed outside in nature, any magical place that is suitable, where you feel comfortable. Many congregate at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England on this day to watch the sun rise. I have been on several occasions but now prefer to spend the time in a less chaotic area, usually up on Dartmoor in Devon, England.

A fire is lit in honour of a solar deity and the sun, jumping through the flames will purify and renew energies.
This is a very good time for performing any type of magical work especially love or healing magic. It is a very good time to hand fast with someone as I did in the Outer Hebrides in 2003.

Feasts at Litha
Fruit wines and ciders are good drinks for Summer solstice as well as fresh fruit of any kind for the feast, fruit cakes work very well.

Correspondence for Litha

Aconite, Althea, Alyssum, Angelica, Bamboo, Borage, Bromeliad, Calamus, Camellia, Cardamom, Carnation, Cassia, Citron, Cloth of Gold, Clover, Club Moss, Coltsfoot, Columbine, Comfrey, Coriander, Cotton, Cowbine, Cowslip, Cubeb, Cumin, Cyclamen, Daisy, Damiana, Dandelion, Devils Bit, Devil's Shoestring, Dittany of Crete, Dock, Duchman's Breeches, Edelweiss, Elderflower, Endive, Eryngo, Euphorbium, Eyebright, Fern, Fleabane, Foxglove, Fumitory, Fuzzy Weed, Garlic, Ginger, Goat's Rue, Golden Seal, Gorse, Grain, Heliotrope, Hellebore, Hemp, Henbane, Hibiscus, Honesty, Horseradish, Houndstongue, House Leek, Hydrangea, Hyssop, Indian Paint Brush, Irish Moss, Ivy, Lday's Mantle, Lady's Slipper, Larkspur, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lettuce, Liquorice, Lilac, Lilly, Linden, Looestrife, Lotus, Love seed, Lucky hand, Meadow Rue, Mesquite, Mimosa, Mint, Myrtle, Narcissus, Nightshade,
Oakmoss, Orchids, Oregon Grape, Pansy, Parosela, Pecan, Peony, Pepper, Periwinkle, Persimmon, Plot Weed, Pimpernel, Pistachio, Potato, Purslane, Quassia, Radish, Ragweed, Raspberry, Rattle Snake Root, Rhubarb, Rice, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Rye, Sage, Sassafras, Savory, Senna, Sesame, Skunk Cabbage, Slippery Elm, Snake root, Snap Dragon, Solomon's Seal, Southern Wood, Spanish Moss, Squill, Straw, Strawberry, Sugar Cane, Sweet Pea, Tansy, Tea, Thistle, Thyme, Tobacco, Tuberose, Turmeric, Turnip, Valerian, Venus Fly Trap, Violet, Wintergreen, Wisteria, Wolfsbane, Woodruff, Wormwood, Yellow Evening Primrose, Yerba Mate.

Calamus, Cardamom, Cassia, Coriander, Cypress, Fumitory, Lavender, Lemon, Lilac, Mint.

Acacia, Cypress, Dogwood, Ebony, Elm, Hickory, Holly, Magnolia, Oak, Palm-Date, Pear, Pine, Prickly Ash, Sandalwood, Willow, Yucca.

Amber, Amethyst, Apothyllite, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Celestite, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Diamond, Jade, Jasper-Red, Lava, Lepidolite, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Quartz, Ruby, Salt, Sapphire, Selenite, Sunstone, Tourmaline-Blue, Turquoise.

Boji Stone, Brass, Gold, Lodestone, Mercury, Meteorite, Silver, Steel.

Associated Colours
Blue, Green.

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