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18th  August 2017
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Thank you for choosing Kcalb to share your magical journey,Kcalb has more than twenty years experience with Witchcraft and this web site will help both the experienced and novice get a better understanding of the craft, materials, equipment, tools and times.

Kcalb pronounced 'Kalb', lives in Hartlepool, UK. and enjoys everything to do with nature and loves to surf (on the ocean or north sea).

There are many areas within this site, a small but developing shop with hand made and custom built wands, Tarot readings, Spells, Games, there are also areas where viewers of the site can be interactive by donating spells and rites, please feel free to donate any spells or rites you would like to share.

Enjoy my web site and your journey !

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Kcalb funds this site purely from his own pocket, if you would like to help keep this site up and running then please click the button below and donate any amount no matter how small.

Every penny helps Kcalb keep this site running and goes towards further improvements and upgrades which benefits all!

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